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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Madi and jj come to visit

Madi and Jj came to Minnesota to visit for a while. I only got to spend one day with her and the lil guy But it was so much fun.

                                Trying to get the little guy to smile was a challenge

                                       Yeah we almost got it

                                            Yay finally got Jj to smile (:

                                      So i made a angry face and so did Jj

                                    This is Madi Hugie she is Jj's mommy. Even though I do not know her very well yet. I have to say she is amazing and gorgeous. I feel like we are going to be great friends or "sisters"(:

The little guy really loved the piano. I think he will be a great pianist someday 

    We wanted to see how many people we could fix in an iPhone screen(Madi, Me, Brian, Spencer on top)

Guess we could fit more people(Jj and Braeden Added in )

Jj playing with a box. He was having a great time with it,

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  1. Cute pictures!!! you are gorgeous too darling, can't wait to come visit again soon!!!